JF Antique Radio Repair -- Tube Equipment Repair (Radios, Amplifiers, and Car Radios)


Advice: Advice over the phone, by email, or in person is Free. Call with any questions you may have about your radio, or if you need assistance in repair of your radio.

Teaching Repair: If you would like to learn how to repair Tube Equipment, please contact me. I do not charge for my time, only for parts used.

Schematics: If you need a copy of the schematic diagram for your radio/audio tube equipment, contact me with make and model. I will include notes on which parts must be replaced to
                     insure proper operation. Cost will be $2.00 per page plus postage, which can be charged through PayPal to my email address, jfradio@aol.com.

Links: For parts sources, schematics, pictures, sales, clubs, etc, please refer to "Links" Tab on the Home Page

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